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Play slots for free

Most people who like casino and slot games are aware that online casinos are taking over the industry. Slowly, but steadily, players are learning the advantages of playing online casino games and are turning to this form of gambling. What’s more, land-based casinos themselves are trying to take advantage and “building” their own online casino and slots platforms.

Nowadays there are places called “Free Casinos” where users can play online slots for free, without the need for huge deposits or registrations. Jackpot Slots is one of them. There are no assumptions, the site is truly 100% free, and its difference from a traditional online casino is crystal clear, you play demo versions of the original casino machines.

What is the difference between real and free online casino games?

You can’t actually buy coins to have fun at free casinos, just like you would at a real money online casino. When you play our online slots games, you play with coins, that’s obvious. What we must understand is that those “chips” are fictitious, they are offered for free so that “future customers” get to know the games without risk and become convinced that the games are fun, reliable and safe.

Many of the emails we receive with doubts are related to this type of inconvenience. Some even ask where their winnings have gone. We fully understand that sites like ours are confusing, they look like real casinos, but they are not. We have no registration or login sections. Nor do we have any deposit sections. That’s why players should be in no doubt that whenever there is a play section at Jackpot Slots, it is free.

However, it is possible to get bonus coins added to the play session. How does this work? You will see that in the description of all our games (slots, blackjack, poker, etc) there are promotional banners. These are directly linked to our suggestion of real casinos. These are casinos with which we have business agreements, we check their security and we consider them to be the best in the industry, therefore recommended to all our discerning users.

Still, that amount is pretty poor compared to what you can buy. And this is where we come to the main and most important difference between real money, social casinos and free slots sites. The ability to buy credits and play for real money prizes. As part of our promotions you will see that deposit bonuses will be available, and with them you can double or even triple the credits you buy.

The popularity of free slots

Of course, the above does not mean that there is no benefit to playing free casino or slots games. If this were not the case, our users would not come back or recommend our free casino site. There are official reports that show us how a substantial percentage of free slot players end up being activated by the official sites to gamble and play for real money. And the concrete benefit is just what we highlighted above, Jackpot Slots users have many benefits, they play for free, they get to know the best slots and casino games in the industry, and they get a qualified recommendation to play at a 100% safe and secure casino. And upon arrival they get a bonus that guarantees entertainment with minimal risk.

Play for free now

To finish for today the best thing we can do is to recommend you to get to know Jackpot Slots in depth. Have the experience of playing slots on the best machines, from the best developing brands, such as IGT or Netent.

And whenever you want, you can take advantage of the best current bonus, always located next to the screen when you open a game session.

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