What are our chances of winning when we gamble?


Gambling, even if it is not very much money, is something we like a lot games that have hundreds of thousands of loyal players, such as the National Lottery, the ONCE coupon or slot machines. Do we play to pass the time? For addiction? To win money? I am sure that the most widespread answer would be to win some money but… how many possibilities do we have to do it?

If you like gambling, I’m sure that after reading this post, you won’t doubt that online gambling is the one that offers the best chances of winning for everyone, especially sports betting.

Betting on traditional games

As I said at the beginning, the more traditional games of chance are the ones that have more followers, even though it seems that many people have the fact of betting on these as an inertia, even if they never play or the prizes are not too big.

For example, with slots it depends on the programming you have, but the odds of winning a halfway decent prize are around 20%, so statistically 20% is not bad, but you don’t always get the biggest prize.

With a much lower chance of winning are the ONCE coupons, where we only have a 1% chance of winning the first prize.

With the Christmas Lottery we have an 86% chance of winning nothing, a 9% chance of winning the jackpot and a 0.00001% chance of winning the jackpot. This is one of the cases in which people play more for tradition than for anything else. The Lotería del Niño is also another tradition and gives us an 8% chance of winning a prize.

The odds of winning the full 15 of the football pool are between 1 and 14,348,907; 14 between 1 and 4,782,969; 13 between 1 and 1,594,323; 12 between 1 and 531,441; 11 between 1 and 177,147 and 10 between 1 and 59,049.

I end with the La Primitiva draw, where the odds of matching all 6 numbers are between 1 and 14 million. Do you now understand why people hoping to have more chances of winning money choose to bet online?

Fun facts about casinos

I admit that from time to time I like to gamble, always in moderation and setting myself limits and trying to think about the bet before placing it, something that does not happen with physical establishments such as casinos. In the comfort of our own home we can control ourselves better and be more aware of our limits and when to stop playing, something that does not normally happen in casinos because they have many incentives that get us hooked.

Why are physical casinos so addictive?

Casinos are quite addictive for many reasons, and just as it happens in supermarkets where the trolleys always have a deviation on the wheels to the left or the reason why clock advertisements always show ten past ten, casinos also have their curiosities, something that I will try to condense in this entry, at least the most characteristic ones.

For example, in a casino we will not see a single clock and certainly no windows, perhaps to lose track of time or perhaps also not to entertain us with what happens outside the casino and we focus mainly on what we are doing, i.e. playing.

The atmosphere in a casino is very special, the intensity of the lights is quite controlled and even the choice of the colour of the chairs, the walls or the carpet, everything is completely studied to make us feel comfortable.

Why is there so much noise? The sirens of the slot machines and their other sounds, the murmur of the people, the politeness and smiles of the staff or even the lights, make our subconscious think that we have many chances to win, especially when we see that there are other people who are winning, which is why the slots are so close to each other in most cases.

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