All the tips for betting on CS:GO, the latest game in vogue

betting on CS:GO,

First of all, you must be very clear about one thing. CS:GO betting is no joke like all other eSports. The players and teams are real, just like in conventional sports. Their effort is real, and so are the investments in training, as well as the sponsors and all the money they move. Oh, and just like your investment in Counter Strike Global Offensive betting, which will also be real – don’t think you won’t lose money if you make a joke of it!

Types of CS:GO betting: which are the most profitable?

The ways to bet on CS:GO are not unlike other team sports, and therefore, there are CS:GO moneyline bets. These are the simplest types of plays: two teams face each other and you have to decide who to go for and you stake your honour (and your money, of course). Of course, you have to set your own odds to support your decisions, but the odds on the CS:GO betting sites give you an idea of the potency and likelihood of the various participants to win.

When it comes to Best of 3, betting CS:GO on a correct score can be a great idea. While in football, for example, this type of betting is very risky, in this eSport it is the same as in tennis. As the possible scores are very limited, the options of outcomes are not almost infinite as in other sports.

Other options for placing your Counter Strike bets is to bet on the winner per round, with a dynamic very similar to betting on sets or half legs, as well as the classic handicap bets in CS:GO. With the latter strategy, you will be able to compensate for any inequalities you may detect between the different participants, awarding maps or extra rounds of victory to the weaker player. The way it works is very simple, with a handicap of -1.5 rounds, the stronger team must win by 2 for you to win the pot. However, the prize will be higher when you enter this variable.

Tips for betting on Counter Strike with guarantees

As we have already reminded you and as I’m sure you yourself have already taken into account, even if it is an eSports game, this type of betting is no joke, as the money is real anyway. That said, we make it clear that if you don’t know anything about Counter or the teams, don’t bet, or not before getting informed:

  • Analyse the participants: Look at some key data, such as overall stats and head-to-heads. At the same time, check the odds on Counter Strike betting sites to see how motivated each team is.
  • Know the map: Do you take into account the home/visitor in your football betting? Here much more! Find out which map favours or disadvantages the different teams.
  • Watch videos. Lots of videos. This way, you can see how different teams play, to see which style will be more useful against which teams.

Watch out for the odds! Even if you make your own predictions, always look at the odds. You may discover some patterns that will help you make new predictions that you hadn’t contemplated. Beyond that, make sure you understand how the odds work and how you bet.

What affects betting on Counter Strike

There are a number of factors that influence the way CS:GO games are played. Experts agree that the most relevant is probably the economy, i.e. the resources that each team manages to gather. More and better resources mean more and better weapons. The second key element is arguably the role of the game leader. While there is talk of the important coordination between team members, the ability of one person to focus the strategy can be decisive.

In the background are the pressure and the psychological aspect of the different participants, the results of the basic round of pistols or also the bugs that the game may have. Stress, motivation and the ability to keep calm of the players is crucial even at high levels of play. And finally, what is your level of stress and nerves when betting? Remember not to bet in the heat of the moment, after losing large sums and driven by euphoria. And if you are a newbie, remember that welcome bonuses can be your ally!

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